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Steve Mello

Steve Mello

Steve began training in conventional Western boxing in 1966, and shortly thereafter began practicing with local martial art instructors. These experiences led Steve to search for classical, traditional style instruction with authentic roots and documented lineage.

In 2001 Steve began studying with John Conroy at the Rhode Island School of Tai Chi in Warwick, RI, and has continued to do so regularly for over a decade.

Steve has the good fortune to travel to Hong Kong annually along with fellow students to participate with Yeung family members in ongoing study.

Tai Chi Chuan is built on the concept that mind, body, and emotion are inseparable. Tai Chi Chuan helps to stimulate all of our physiological systems and to facilitate physical, mental, and emotional development.

Healthy and beneficial for men and women of any age, Tai Chi Chuan can help one discover the powerful forces inside all of us.


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